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Gathering with a serger

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My name is Natalie Hidalgo and I am the owner of Tutu Cute Designs.


Today I have a tutorial on how to gather using your serger!  Everyone wants those perfect gathers.  Gathering with your serger, will give you that.

If you are sewing the skirt section of a dress and you want your gathers to be nice and even, follow these quick steps.

Place your two skirt pieces together RST.  Sew and serge down one side, making one long piece. 

Adjust the upper thread tensions on your machine to the highest setting, on my machine it is nine.  The lower threads need to stay on your standard tension.

Adjust stitch length by turning both dials all the way up. 

Serge your long piece of fabric through your machine to create a nice beautiful ruffle. 

Starting where you attached the two original pieces, attach the skirt to the bodice by carefully pinning all the way around.  You will have a small excess of fabric remaining.  

Attach the sides together and trim the remaining fabric off.  Sew and serge the sides together. Don’t forget to change your settings back.

Attach the skirt to the bodice, by slowly sewing all the way around and then serging the bodice to the skirt.

Flip right side out, top-stitch, and voila!!! Beautiful gathers. 

Have fun making beautiful and even gathers!

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