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Button, Button, Who’s got the Button?!

Something as basic as hand-sewing a button should be easy, right? Well when I first started sewing I kept having issues with my buttons not staying in place and coming loose after a run through the washer. I figured there had to be a trick to getting a button to stay in place and remain flush against my project. Today I am going to share my hand-sewing button routine in the hopes that it can help someone else who might be struggling with the most basic tasks. Haha!

You will need the following items- your project, your button(s), a needle, thread, Sewline Glue Pen (optional)

I start by cutting about 20-30″ of thread for my button since I like having extra to work with, especially if I’m going to sew on more than one button. Next I thread my needle and pull my thread so that the center of my thread is in the eye of my needle. My ends get pulled to the bottom and tied in multiple knots so they don’t slip through my fabric. This way the thread ends up being about 10-15″ from the needle to the knot. Having doubled my thread makes less work and a sturdier button placement.

The Sewline Glue Pen comes in super handy for keeping buttons in place while sewing them on. I just use a swipe or two on the spot I want my button, then I place my button firmly on the glue.

Once I have my button in place I start from the bottom and thread my needle through one side of the button. Going back and forth I loop through my button about 15-20 times.

Bringing my needle to the back of the fabric, I check to make sure my button and thread looks the way I want. Once I’m happy with how it looks, I take my needle and push it back up through the fabric. This time however, I don’t push the needle through the button. Instead I push the needle out beside the button.

Pulling all my thread through, I start to wind the thread clockwise around the base of the button. I make about 5-10 passes around the bottom of the button, making sure the thread is tight and not sticking out.

After I have made enough turns around the button, I take my needle and push it back through to the back of the fabric and pull taut.

To finish the button, I run my needle under my stitches on the back and then loop my needle through the thread and pull.

To finish completely I tie 1-2 knots in my thread before trimming the extra thread off. My buttons withstand the pulling of a toddler and the constant twisting and “inspecting” of a 4 year old. Using this method I haven’t had anymore loose buttons or buttons falling off.


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