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Simple Fabric Headband

The Simple Fabric Headband
By Madison Cox from Maddie Kay Creations

Hi everyone! Today I have a great QUICK fabric headband tutorial for you. These are comfy, easy to wear, cute, and most of all fairly inexpensive to make. This is a great way to use up some of those left over scraps of fabric you have laying around your sewing area. Another great idea is to use these for Christmas gifts. I know my daughter loves to give little gifts to all of her friends and sometimes just thinking about buying for everyone can give me anxiety. You could easily whip out a bunch of these fairly quick and use as presents or stocking stuffers.

Here is what you need:
About 15 minutes of your crazy day.
2 scrap pieces of fabric approximately 12 inches X 2 ½ inches
10 inch cut of fold over elastic
**any additional embellishments like trim or lace*
And then of course your normal sewing things like thread, needle, scissors, etc….

I decided to jazz up the headband with some trims that I got from Threads and Stitches. A cute simple white lace and a Christmas-y woven trim. This is going to be a great headband for my daughter to wear through the holidays, to school, for pictures, you name it.

So let’s get started. I drafted my own little pattern piece. Mine was about 2 ½ inches wide at the top, 1 ¼ inch wide at the bottom, and about 6 inches long. The wider end is the side you will line up with the fold of your fabric.

Cut out two headband pieces.
Cut any embellishments the same length of the headband fabric piece and then sew to the top fabric piece. *Tip, I like to use my Sewline glue pen to get my trims to lay exactly how I want them without having to use pins.

Next, place your other headband piece on top (right sides together) and sew using a ¼ inch seam allowance.

Clip the corners at each end of the headband piece to reduce bulk. Turn your headband right side out. *I have found using a turning tool, turning tubes, or just a simple chop stick will make this so much easier* Then iron flat.

Then you take the end of your headband and tuck the raw ends in about ½ inch. Repeat for the other side. Insert your fold over elastic in the end. Make sure at that ½ inch of elastic is inside the fold. Stitch to secure. I went back over my stitch twice to make sure that the elastic was secure. Repeat for the other side.

And there it is! You’re done! You have a cute simple and easy fabric headband. You can make a bunch of these for every occasion. You can even pick two different fabrics one for the top and one for the bottom to have a reversible headband.

Trims provided by Threads and Stitches Fabric: (click links to buy)

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