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Fabric Organization

I have an addiction to fabric and the bank statements to prove it! My husband just shakes his head and says his only request is that I keep all my fabric organized so it doesn’t take over our house. Together he and I came up with a system that works for us, for now. When it comes to shopping, I love Target almost as much as I love fabric, so of course that’s where I went for my storage solution! I ended up purchasing two sets of the 3×3 cube storage and two sets of the 1×3 cubes. The cubes measure 11.25″x11.25″. I also have a black cabinet that I removed the door from, but most of the fabric in there is just folded, patiently awaiting the day I will put it on “bolts”.

I love going into quilt shops and fabric stores and just ogling the gorgeous bolts of fabric and so I wanted to recreate this environment in my own sewing room. Instead of just stacking fabrics on top of each other I wanted something that would create a miniature version of fabric bolts. Amazon to the rescue!! I went in search of comic boards, but none of them seemed to fit my cubes until I found these magazine boards.

The magazine boards are just the right size for me to fold my fabric and line them all up in the cubes.

I start with my fabric folded selvage to selvage, just like it comes off the bolt. 

Once all the wrinkles are smoothed and the fabric is perfectly folded, I fold it once more lengthwise so that it is around 11″ tall. It’s never completely perfect, so I usually just eyeball it.

Now that my yardage is folded twice, I grab a board and line it up on top of the edge of my fabric, overlapping the board over the end of the fabric by a few inches.

Next, I start folding the backing board towards my left, where the remainder of the fabric is. While folding, I make sure my fabric remains smooth and folded properly so I don’t end up with a wonky “bolt”.

Once I have wrapped all of my fabric around the board I take some pins and pin the end of the fabric to itself and the board, then just slide into my cubes!

I find that this method works best when you have at least 1-2yds of fabric to work with. The more yards you have, the bigger your “bolt” will be.

*Fabric pictured on “bolt” is Michael Miller Magic, Stars and Stripes in Aqua. It’s currently on sale!! Here is the link:





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