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Hey everyone! I am here to talk about fabric scraps today. If you’re anything like me then you are crazy when it comes to your fabric. I plan out all my cutting to make sure I cut the fabric in a way that results in the smallest amount of waste possible. When cutting fabric though there will always be some waste, even if it’s just the tiny sliver of selvage with the pretty fabric’s name and designer on it. Or maybe it’s the edge of a piece of fabric that you had to cut off to even out your project. You know what I’m talking about…those strips of fabric that have a teeny tiny bit of print on them but no real discernible use to them. (All photos can be enlarge by clicking them.)

They are all SO pretty but not very practical for projects. Well today I am here to tell you to SAVE THEM!! Yes, you read that right. I keep all my selvage pieces, my tiny strips, my slivers of fabric cuttings. Anything around .75-1″ wide by at least 8″ long. I have a cute little bucket that I throw all those pieces in and when I have some free time (aka watching Lalaloopsy for the millionth time with my 4 year old) I use those fabric scraps to create something brand new! Fabric Rope! Ok so now that I have piqued your curiosity, along with speaking directly to your fabric hoarding heart, let’s get into how I put those scraps to use. Here is my beautiful rope.

I start out with two fabric strips that are around .75″-1″ in width (no wider or it looks funny) by at least 8″ in length (anything shorter and it’s frustrating). If your piece of fabric is wider that 1″ just trim it down or you can cut a small notch in it and rip the fabric to give it a more “worn” look for your rope. Once you have chosen your two strips you are going to tie a knot at the end of them to keep them together.

Almost makes a pretty bow! Ok, so once you have them knotted together you can tape them to a desk or put something heavy on top of the knot to keep them from moving during the next step. I find that once I get my rope going I don’t need anything to hold it down.

Next you are going to start by taking the strip on the right and twisting it clockwise in your fingers, sort of like rolling it. Once you have a tight roll to it you cross it over the left strip. Repeat for the left strip. Then repeat for the right strip. Seriously, it’s that simple. 

Once you get about 2-3″ from the end of a strip you will want to tie on a new strip to continue your rope. You just grab a new strip and tie it to the bottom of the one that is ending, just like you tied the original knot. Once it is tied and pulled taut, just trim your edges for a more clean finish.

You can see from my photos that my rope has been going for a while. I love to work on it when I’m just watching tv with my family or even on a long car ride. It is basically a never ending project and the possibilities with it are endless. You can see all the beautiful fabrics merging into one creation within your rope. I use mine to wrap presents, use as straps for sun dresses, make a cute little tie on a dress, really there is so much you can do with it. On sundresses I create ropes specifically for the dress and leave enough room to attach to the bodice.

We would love to see what you create with your fabric ropes and we hope you share on our FB page!


Thanks for reading my rant!

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*I should add that I use cotton woven only as knits would stretch too much for this project.


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